Integra Ngo – Critical Slogans

INTEGRA NGO is an organization formed in 2003 by young people who are committed to giving their contribution to the recovery and development of Kosovo. Our work is guided by the principle of good governance and full enjoyment of human rights, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and political belonging, are essential to building a democratic and tolerant Kosovo, fully integrated in the European community.

Main issues covered by Integra are Human and Minority Rights, Dealing with a Past and Transitional Justice, Advocacy and Accountability, Critical Thinking and Writing, Research and Social Media, Regional Cooperation and Exchange, Democracy and European Integration. In order to have more efficient work, INTEGRA is made by the following departments:

Street Rrustem Statovci n.n.
Building 2, 3rd Floor, No. 3
Prishtina, Kosovo
+381 38 246 717
[email protected]

Produced slogans, views and opinions expressed by the slogans do not reflect those of Integra nor project partners.